All You Need To Know About Hosting

You are signed up to host... now what? Hosting a table is simple, and we have resources to help.

You determine a location for folks to meet on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 for a mealtime conversation to discuss the ways in which we can commit to making our communities stronger, safer, and more dynamic – communities where opportunities grow, quality of life is enhanced, and families thrive. You can have your discussion wherever you want and serve whatever you like – from a meal in a restaurant or home-cooked meal at home to a picnic, barbecue, coffee break, or a soup-and-salad meal.

Who do I invite?

The invite list is up to you; 8-12 guests per table is ideal. If you are unsure about who to invite, start with people you know - family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. You may consider reaching out to a larger community by co-hosting your event with a local restaurant.

What do we talk about?

On The Table is all about discussing the issues that are most important to you - the people of the Lowcountry. In other words, people at your table should discuss any and all community issues most pertinent to them. If you need some inspiration, check out our Host Conversation & Action Guide, or head to our Resources page for everything you need to know about hosting!