On 10.04.18, It’s ALL On the Table

Every community has unique challenges. The Charleston region is no different. On 10.04.18, you can raise the issues that matter to you and help drive solutions by participating in Lowcountry On the Table.


What Is On the Table?

On the Table is a region-wide event that will take place on 10.04.18. Small groups will gather together throughout the Tri-County area to discuss the challenges we face in our community.

How Do I Participate?

Become a host! Sign up today to host a table. You can host at your home, your work, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a park…just about anywhere a small group can gather! Once you sign up, we’ll give you the tools you need to lead your group. All you have to do is invite others to attend and show up.

Why Should I Participate?

The act of people sharing the issues that matter most to them has never been more important. On the Table is designed to inspire collaborative action across the region by bringing people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds together. The conversations we’ll have on 10.04.18 will help make our communities stronger, safer, and more dynamic. Plus, grant funds will be awarded to help implement some of the best ideas heard during On the Table.


Your voice matters. On 10.04.18, it’s your turn to sit down and speak up!